League Tennis

League tennis is competitive match play for both juniors and seniors. The match play involves playing against other clubs who also have pennant teams through Tennis West. Players are put into teams of 4-6 (4 players play each week). That team then gets put into a division that is of equal skill level to the players. On the day, all 4 players will play one singles and one doubles match against the other club. This also creates a team environment!

Am I or my child good enough for League?

As long as you know the rules of tennis and have basic skills, chances are you have the capabilities of playing League. Players get a rating which is decided by the "Coaching Team" and then put into a team and a division that is suitable for that player so that their matches will be of equal quality. If you are still unsure about this, please contact any of the "Coaching Team" for further information!


For details regarding playing Junior League at a tennis club, please contact Phil Sofoulis.