For more information regarding racquets, sizes, grips, etc. please contact Phil or any of the coaching team.


For more information of recommendations to what string to use, please contact Stefano on 0421 100 762.
Please be aware that if dropping racquets off, leave a note saying your name, your contact number and what tension you would like your racquet to be strung at.
If unsure about tensions, ask any of the coaches for advice.
(lower tension = more power, higher tension = more control, on your racquet you will find a minimum and maximum tension in Lbs)

Hybrid Stringing: (2 strings)

Pro Banger & Top-spin                                                      $42                               Great Combination, for medium hitters of the ball.

Pro Banger & Alpha gut                                                     $48                               Premium Combination, for medium hitters of the ball.

Poly Ice & Top-spin                                                            $42                               Great Combination, for big hitters of the ball.

Poly Ice & Alpha gut                                                           $48                               Premium Combination, for big hitters of the ball.

One Piece Stringing: (1 string)

Top-spin                                                                              $40                               Textured string, helps grip the ball. (more spin)

Pro Banger                                                                          $40                               Stiff strong string, for big hitters of the ball.

Alpha gut                                                                             $50                              Premium string, Great feel and durability.